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Using the internet can be fun and enjoyable but the internet can be dangerous.

It’s not always easy to know what’s safe online and what’s not. There are lots of fun and interesting things you can do on the internet; and it can be a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. But it’s important to understand how to stay safe online. Educating yourself, keeping up to date on security and being aware of privacy issues can help you keep clear of abuse or bullying.

  • Children and young people can be at risk of becoming groomed.
  • A platform for bullying
  • Phishing- the use of emails that try to trick people into clicking on malicious links or attachments.
  • Scams
  • Catfishing- when someone creates fake profiles on social media sites to trick people into thinking they are somebody else

When online, it’s easy to pretend to be someone you’re not. What are the warning signs?

Here are some warning signs they could be an abuser:

  • They share all your interests and give you lots of attention.
  • They make you feel good about pictures on your profile.
  • They talk about sex and send explicit pictures or videos.
  • They ask you to send them explicit pictures. Remember, if you send one, they could threaten to share it with your friends or family if you don’t do what they want.
  • They ask to talk to you in private using an app or ask for your phone number.
  • They ask you to keep your chats secret.
  • They tell you their webcam is broken. Remember, it’s easy to record and fake a webcam video.